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Whould you like to get involved in everything that’s appening in your area? Would you like to make new friends? Are you proud of living in San Daniele and would like to contribute in its festivals? If you said yes to everything we are waiting for you at the Pro Loco! For additional information come to our office in Via Roma 3 or call us at 0432 940765

The “official” story of the Pro San Daniele begins on the 20th of September 1966 with the signing of the “Atto Costitutivo” by 24 San Daniele citizens. We can talk about “practical” history and the “theoretical” history, because in San Daniele, since the 1950s, there already was a Pro Loco that was responsible for organizing the “Sagra del Prosciutto” in tandem with the few prosciutto factories that existed at the time. Furthermore, the Pro San Daniele shouldn’t just be an organization only involved with setting up the “Sagra del Prosciutto”, theater shows or music shows. The aim of its founders was to gather up every citizen who cared about touristic, cultural, artistic, sports and recreational development. The main thing added with the signing of the “atto costitutivo” was the recognition of the importance of tourism for the entire city. The food could be a starting point but San Daniele could offer a lot more than that to its visitors, artistic values, theater and music shows for example. In its old days, the “Sagra del Prosciutto” had only a couple of stands that offered the famous San Daniele ham and some good local wine. Of course it wouldn’t be a “sagra” without a charity raffle and the show by G.A.D “Quintino Ronchi”, who entertained the citizens for many years with his shows on Saturday at the Ciconi theater.

Today “Aria di Festa” is an internationally relevant festival that takes place the last week of june. The festival is organized by “Consorzio del prosciutto” in collaboration with the Pro San Daniele and the Communal administration. The opening of an info point ran by volunteers in 1991 is without any doubt proof of the vision the Pro Loco administration had at the time, who had understood the importance of having an office to welcome the increasing influx of Italian and foreign visitors.

The Pro San Daniele tourist office has since become a I.A.T office in 2005, with its main building in the historical center on Via Roma. The management of the info point has been furthermore improved by the hiring of qualified individuals. At this moment in time the info point is capable of meeting the needs of a single visitor as well as a group of tourists. The promotional material offered spaces from the ones dedicated to the city and it’s near areas to that about other major cities and main touristic interest areas of the Region. Naturally you can’t even count the number of brochures available for shows, festivals, food, wine and places to stay. In fact the Pro San Daniele is in a constant state of improvement of the quality of the services that the info point offers, which always makes sure that the tourist is up to date on all the different offers the city can provide on the matters of culture, nature and food and wine.

At this time, the pro san daniele sends out a weekly newsletter with all the directions on the events and festivals in the city and further information on other local association’s activities. Every year in occasion of the Carnival, the pro san daniele manages without fail the “Children’s carnival” at the palazzetto dello sport on Via Udine. During the summer it offers the festival “R…estate a San Daniele”. In the months of june and july it manages multiple shows  in its city blocks (centro, pozzo, sacco, cimano, sopracastello and villanova), keeping alive the traditions that date back to the founding of the organization.

Every year, the pro loco closes the year with a christmas market that comprise of hobbyists and artisans who bring their creations as present ideas for the christmas holidays. There’s a special care for the children, especially the younger ones, who can wait for Santa’s coming on the stairs of the Duomo.

Ufficio Turistico Pro San Daniele
Via Roma n° 3 - San Daniele del Fr. (UD)
Tel / Fax +39 0432 940765
Fotografie fornite dal Circolo Fotografico Sandanielese "E. Battigelli"
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