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Museum of the territory (San Daniele del Friuli) Housed in a former convent built in the 17th century by the Observant fathers of San Domenico, the Museum of the Territory hosts an exhibition itinerary divided into three sections: Famous people, Sacred art and Archeology. Open: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Guided tours by appointment. For informations: E-mail Tel. 348 0043177 

Cjase Cocèl, Museum of peasant life (Fagagna)

About 9 km south of San Daniele you’ll find "Cjase Cocèl", the farmers’ life museum that shows the living conditions of the Friulian peasant families of the first half of the 1800s.

Open: Sunday afternoon (spring - summer - autumn).

For informations:

Tel. 0432 801887 (Museum)

Fax 0432 802599


Civic and historical museum (Ragogna)

The civic museum  is situated in the building of the former elementary school, and it is educational and informative, with a naturalistic section, an archaeological one and the museum dedicated to the Great War in the central Friuli area. Open: Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Guided tours by appointment.

For informations:

Tel. 0432 943434 (Museum)

Tel. 0432 955226 (Town Hall)


Art Museum of the Medal and of the city of Buja

At Piazza San Lorenzo in the Monte di Buja area, there is a museum which, in addition to archaeological finds and object evidence of local history, hosts three exhibition sections dedicated to Buja’s master engravers and to the art of the medal.

Open: Saturday and Sunday. Midweek visits by reservation.

For informations:

Tel. 0432 960151 (Town Hall)

Tel. 0432 960963 (Library)


The areas of the Great War

In Friuli, there’s four historical itineraries that go through the municipalities of Ragogna, San Daniele and Forgaria, teaching you about the Battle along the river Tagliamento in 1917, a direct consequence of the recovery after the Battle of Caporetto, which was essential for the Italian reorganization on the front of  the Monte Grappa - River Piave.

For informations:

Tel. 0432 957255 (Municipality of Ragogna)

Ufficio Turistico Pro San Daniele
Via Roma n° 3 - San Daniele del Fr. (UD)
Tel / Fax +39 0432 940765
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