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The town of San Daniele hosts numerous historical buildings and churces, all very interesting from a touristical standpoint.


Visiting the Vittorio Emanuele II square, the Duomo of San Daniele, built in the 16th century, immediately stands out; this is the main church of the town, it’s dedicated to the Archangel Michael and was consacrated in 1806.

The facade was inspired by the works of art of Andrea Palladio, and was realised by venetian architect Domenico Rossi, while inside the building are situated precious canvas like the Santissima Trinità by Antonio de’ Sacchis, called il Pordenone, and some sketches by Tiepolo. Noteworthy are also the bronzed portals, made by local sculptor Nino Gortan and realised in 1982, and the Belltower, designed by Giovanni da Udine.

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One of the biggest landmark and greatest pride of San Daniele is the Biblioteca Guarneriana, one of the most renowned and ancient italian public library and oldest library in the whole region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The library preserves very precious ancient manuscripts and you can book a visit to this day.

It was founded in the Fifteenth century by Guarnerio d’Artegna and it’s been a beloved location by famous authors like Foscolo, Nievo e Carducci; its unvaluable cultural heritage was widened during the following centuries.

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In Via Garibaldi, in the church of Sant’Antonio Abate, you’ll be able to see the most beautiful renaissance frescoes of the region, deserving of the denomination of  “Friuli’s Cappella Sistina„. The church is dedicated to the butcher’s patron saint, and the paintings presented have been made from 1497 and 1522 by Martino da Udine, well known also as San Daniele’s Pilgrim.

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Lastly, other landmarks that hold great importance are the Castles’ route, the Jewish culture itineraries, which describe the secular existence of hebrew culture in our region, and the terriotory’s museum, which will explain the friulian’s culture and traditions, as well as other museums.

Castles’ route

Jewish culture itineraries


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