The Castels' Route

The San Daniele area is rich in history and culture, and is characterized by the presence of numerous castles. Starting from the castle of Colloredo di Monte Albano, you can follow an itinerary dedicated to the discovery of ancient fortresses, about ninety kilometers long, which crosses eleven Municipalities. The manor in Colloredo, which stands out for the beauty of the clock tower, is known for the famous studiolo frescoed by Giovanni da Udine in the mid-16th century and for having hosted the writer Ippolito Nievo. Nearby is situated the castle of Cassacco which is characterized by two twin towers and is among the best preserved and restored castles in the region. Continuing towards the Municipality of  Buja and walking up towards the highest hill of the town, called "Monte", you can admire the ancient parish church of San Lorenzo and the remains of the walls of a medieval castle. Going up north you’ll reach Osoppo, where on the top of the main town’s hill you can find the Fortress, a National Monument since 1923. The fort is currently characterized by the presence of medieval and renaissance remains, as well as trenches, galleries and walkways dating back to the First World War. From Osoppo, continuing in the direction of San Daniele del Friuli, you’ll reach the Susans di Majano castle which is characterized by four mighty towers.


From Majano you can easily reach the castle of San Pietro di Ragogna, one of the oldest in Friuli, near which you can admire the ancient parish church which preserves a cycle of frescoes dating back to the thirteenth century.From Ragogna we reach San Daniele del Friuli. Currently on the hill where the castle once stood, you can admire the Church of San Daniele and the bell tower built by adapting one of the previously standing towers of the castle. From San Daniele, taking the panoramic road to Fagagna, after about 4km you can make a detour through a path bordered by two obelisks that allows you to reach the castle of Arcano Superiore. The manor dates back to the thirteenth century and still presents the old medieval structure. From Rive d'Arcano, the path continues towards Fagagna. Here, on top of the main hill, rest the remains of a castle that dates back to the 10th century. One of the best preserved manors is that of  Villalta, a hamlet of Fagagna. The building dates back to the thirteenth century and despite the construction of a Renaissance wing, it maintains the original configuration of a fortified building. Going up the hill to the north and continuing for a few kilometers, you’ll reach the castle of Moruzzo. The building, datable around the 12th century, is surrounded by large walls interspersed with small towers built at the end of the 1800s. In the nearby hamlet of Brazzacco you’ll find the ruins of the fourteenth-century castle of Brazzacco di Sopra and what remains of the castle of  Brazzacco di Sotto, as well as the church of Sant'Andrea dating back to the fourteenth century. 


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